About Tish Briseno

I’m helping make the web a better place with WordPress

Thanks for stopping by. I’m Tish and I’m a Happiness Engineer working at Automattic, the people behind WordPress.com. Previously, I was the Interactive Project Manager at Talent Evolution. Where I used cutting edge techniques to design websites for optimal sales and lead capturing. Not only do I know how to build websites but I know the psychology behind online sales and the types of content that makes a website clickable and dynamic. I create your website so that Search Engine Optimization (showing up in results on Google) is not an afterthought, but is built into the foundation of a website.


“I get that Internet Marketing leaves small businesses confused”

I’m passionate about helping small businesses. My goal is to educate and empower as many small businesses as possible. I’m not in business to simply just make websites and walk away, I truly want to make businesses successful. Growing up in a family with a small business (my father is a contractor)  I realize how important it is to keep your phone ringing. Now that the industry has shifted away from Yellow Page ads and into the Internet era, so many small businesses are left confused and have no idea how to market their businesses. Which is why I take a personal interest in small businesses to make the world of Internet Marketing more understandable.


“I never talk above my clients. Rather, I empower them”

I educate my clients by being personable and breaking down what I do into simple terms- that anyone can understand. I never talk above my clients, I strive to empower them on how to leverage online tools to their benefit. Which is why I use the WordPress platform and enjoy showing my clients how to use the WordPress platform to update their website if they want to make changes.


I love my job because:

  • I’ve seen the impact that having an online & website strategy can have on a business
  • I’m a bit of a geek and I love the technical aspects
  • I learn something new every day
  • I get to work with and meet awesome businesses
  • I hope to help people


tish briseno wordpress expertFun facts about me:

  • I’m addicted to WordPress, Photoshop, Pinterest, Twitter, and iPads
  • My favorite thing to talk about is WordPress plugins & themes OR Photoshop #nerd
  • Sometimes I add hashtags to sentences- I consider it to be apart of my Twitter & Instagram addiction
  • You’ll often find me dancing in my car to anything with a good beat
  • I’m well known for my high-fives. So beware 😉
  • I LOVE writing lists (like this one, haha)
  • I’m constantly redesigning everything in my head
  • I’m a life-long learner, so I’m constantly in webinars, taking a class, or watching ‘How to’ Youtube videos
  • I have a hard time writing an email without including an emojicon of a smiley face 🙂